Listen Up

what your customers say about your brand matters


As the CEO for your brand you are busy. You slave away implementing and creating a master plan that will make your brand more valuable and ultimately, make your franchise and franchisees succeed. Because 9 out of 10 consumers use customer reviews to make a purchasing decision, you have the opportunity to use reputation management to optimize your company’s reviews and gain a competitive edge in the market place.


A brand’s online reputation is its reputation. You see, what your customers say about your brand matters more than what you say about yourselves. Referencing online reviews is a potential client’s way of peeking behind the curtain to see how well you actually deliver on your brand’s promise to the buying public. Most corporate offices get it but ask themselves these questions:

Who’s going to listen to what’s being said online about our brand? Who has time to create a plan that predictably gets happy customers to write positive reviews? Who is going to be responsible for creating custom responses to these reviews? How can we create memorable connections with our clients like sending flowers or hand-written cards to express genuine concern and felicity to the events going on in our customer’s lives - like when their dog dies or their son graduates from college? How do you create the personal connections that will transform customers who like you into your company’s biggest brand advocates?


Wouldn’t it be great to have answers to these questions? Reputation Management to the rescue!

True online reputation management is about listening to the voice of your clients. Once you’ve listened, it’s best to demonstrate that you have heard them and make efforts to interact in a personal way. Following this recipe can help set your brand apart from the pack. This is how brands like Zappos and Nordstrom have become some of the biggest loyalty leaders in all of brandom. 






Brands big and small can put systems in place that will help them solidify their brand’s reputation and make them the loyalty leaders in their respective verticals, but they need to establish the systems and protocols to get them there. That’s why many companies turn to online reputation agencies.

We won’t go into what makes a great reputation management agency right now but reputation management experts can help you fill in the blanks to all of the questions above. Let reputation management help push your brand to new heights. Own your brand’s online reputation and let it make you the obvious choice over your competitors.